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Online Shop

The last 24 hours, I have spent steam rolling ahead setting up my online shop. I have been researching, pricing up supplies, sourcing packaging, working through ideas in my head and writing them all up, obtaining an up-to-date certificate in my Level 2 Food Hygiene  and preparing for letting the EHO know that I intend to start running my own business again. By the time Monday arrives, my kitchen will be spotless and my paperwork ready for filling in which I need to run my business with ( cleaning schedule, suppliers information and products made and sold). I may just buy a large diary for this and fill it in as I go which is what I did last time and it worked quite well as everything was in one book which made it easier to keep track of – but there was only myself to look after. I have ordered some packaging to trial and I have asked for some samples to see if the packaging works before I commit to anything.


First jobs on Monday will be setting up the insurance, (not sure which I need but I think it is  both product liability and professional indemnity insurance)  and registering as self employed with the HMRC, When I have told my husband where I am up to he has offered his backing financially so that I can get started.  Fingers crossed, it will be up and running sooner than I hoped.

In the mean time, I need to make some trial runs of cupcakes, traybakes etc, order some packaging, finish my online shop pages showing the products, prices, delivery options etc. I am so excited now that I don’t think I will be able to sleep until I make my first sale. Hehehe 🙂 Anyway, back to the writing I must go as I have so much to do now and I am loving it. I think I need to head to the kitchen to take a break  and bake something yummy just to level myself then spend some quality time with my family. Have a nice Bank Holiday and see you on the other side.

Back to today, I am going to crack on with my online shop design with my husband as I think I will need his input on this job. Also, I am going to draft a letter to the EHO, finish my privacy policy, finish the paperwork I need for my new business and add some more recipes to my Halloween recipe book. As I only have today to get most of this done I need to crack on as I am planning for two days off. Woohoo I can’t wait the excitement is killing me. 🙂

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