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Well getting back in the swing of things is proving harder than I thought. There is so much to catch up on in the house such as all the holiday washing which I need to get through, the toy bag unpacking is still to be done and the last but most important thing is to buy what I need for my daughter’s birthday party which is happening on Friday. Not a lot of time left to buy the treats but I am hoping to have it all done in time. I am not sure what cake I am making for her yet but we will have to include strawberries somewhere as that is her favourite fruit. I am thinking of making the Icecream Sundae Cupcakes which are filled with cake and iced to resemble real icecream cones with the flake on top. I used to make these in my market days. These will be easy to eat and are a bit different too.

Icecream Sundae Cupcakes ( image courtesy of Good to know)

After the camping experience last week and sharing the Pizza and Smores Cones idea, I got to thinking about how to improve both recipes. For the pizza I would use a stand on the BBQ to move the pizza bases form the direct heat of the BBQ. This would prevent them from catching on and burning. I could tell they were starting to burn as the smell of burnt toast was drifting from the foil packages. If a stand was used to position the pizza better the cheese would have longer to melt into the base which would remove the need to turn the pizza over and so stop the cheese sticking to the foil. Also, a thinner pizza base could be used to ensure the heat gets to the topping so you could use flat breads or pitta breads which you can slice open to make thinner before covering with the toppings. The best alternative would be to use fresh pizza dough  or scone dough like I use at home. You can roll out this dough to whatever size pizza you want to make. Then brush the surface with olive oil and place oiled side down on the preheated tray, stand etc which you are using. Leave to cook for a couple of minutes before turning over.

The toppings for the pizzas should be ready to start adding to the pizza base. Don’t add ingredients which are too moist and go easy on the toppings. Not too much as you don’t want to make the topping to thick to cook on the BBQ. This allows the children to pick a variety of toppings which can be used to make the pizzas more personal.

Slow Cooker

I will be making these pizzas again outside on a BBQ (weather permitting) but not today. Too much else to be doe today such as baking a large batch of brownies as I am going to make skewers of fruit, brownies and marshmallows for my daughter’s party tomorrow. I will have to make a double batch as my children will devour half of them before tomorrow comes. (I love that film –  hehehe). I am going to bake a batch of cookies as the whole family seem to be craving sweet things the last few days and I have nothing in the cupboards. Myself, I am craving savoury food, in particular, Savoury Rice , so I am going to make something in the slow cooker which can be served as a salad at my daughter’s party.


For the Smores Cones, I don’t think there is any way to improve the cones as they worked really well. The filling did not take very long to melt and merge into a delightful sticky mess and when combined with the fruit the end result was perfect. I will be making these again at every opportunity that the weather in the UK allows. Also, I will take a better photograph of the cones than I did on holiday so that you get a better idea about what they look like.

Smores Cones


Photos will follow later when I have made a few goodies. In the mean time, I am off to the kitchen to start some baking, before I head to the supermarket to buy some more ingredients. Then I am off outside to enjoy the sunshine while it lasts. 🙂 One last thing before I sign off I would like to say a big thank you to those people who have taken the time to read my books which are all recipe books “Baking at its best” range  available through Amazon. It would be great if you could leave a review for me. Thanks again x

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