Rainy Saturday Catch Up.

Sitting here on a rainy Saturday morning wondering what the day is going to bring. I don’t plan on baking anything but knowing my children something will be suggested and I will go along with it just to “keep them happy” as they say. I am wanting to bake with the peanut butter and use up some of the jars that I have accumulated in my kitchen cupboards but so far I have not had a chance. The main problem holding me back, aside from how busy the last couple of weeks have been, is that I love peanut butter and if I bake with it I will just end up eating it all which defeats the object of trying to keep myself in shape and fit.

M&M cookies

I do tend to try a bit of what I bake or cook for the family but I tend not to go overboard. However, sometimes the children tend to overeat when they see the baked goodies sitting in the tins and I will tell them when to stop. I am sure all mothers do this though as children can not possibly be that hungry all of the time. Can they? I am from the generation of three meals a day plus a snack at about 11am and maybe 3pm if you are lucky and that should be enough. No supper is needed as your dinner before 6pm should see you through the night. My children have never questioned this but once in a while if I have baked something yummy they will try and snag an extra cookie etc and when I catch them I will either take it away from them or not give them a full dinner. I know a bit harsh but it works for a while. How do you deal with greedy children or “eyes are bigger than your belly” type of children as my mother would say.


On a positive note my Coconut & Cherry Fluff Cake or Snowball Cake blog post, recipe and write up on various recipe sites about it has sent it viral. It has proved to be a big hit and caught a lot of attention. It is a nice feeling when that happens so I need to keep the momentum rolling and create another cake this week.

A slice of Coconut & Cherry Cake

From the 1st of August, my Easter Treats recipe book is on offer through Amazon for one week only at 99p so make sure to grab a copy while you can. It is full of chocolatey treats to make with the children and share with your family and friends.

This week is a running down week for myself as we are heading off for a summer holiday and I am not sure what or when I will be able to write for my blog. As we are camping in a tent, I may share some photos of the meals I make for the family on the camping cooker. Nothing too extravagant but I do have a few ideas of what I am going to make for them. I am just hoping we get the weather and are not stuck on the site or feeling damp all the time.

For the rest of this rainy Saturday, I am going to try and get through a lot more behind the scene work which I need to do for my blog as well as write an article for tomorrow which I am basing on “how to price your homemade goodies for a market stall”. Since mentioning this yesterday it has been going around in my head so I need to get it out of my system. Also, I have been working on my next book which I hope to have finished and published within the next month.

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