National Barbecue Week plans

What am I planning for the week ahead. Well it is Bank Holiday this Monday  which coincides with “National Barbecue  Week” in the UK.  I am thinking of making some Filled Burgers  – as in when you cut into them they have a filling which oozes out of them. This will probably involve cheese along with other ingredients to spice the cheese up a bit.  I have basil, chives and fresh chillies to use up so these ingredients are going to be in the mix somewhere, whether as a dip or included in the filling who knows?  There are plenty of ideas out there if you look for inspiration but I know that I will end up improvising and making something different for the family to enjoy. Maybe I will really push the boat out and make homemade bread rolls to accompany the burgers with. Just depends how energetic I am feeling unless I can persuade the daughter to make them. 🙂

I am going to use beef mince for the burgers and fry the onions prior to adding to the mixture. Along with some breadcrumbs which will be added to help to bind the burgers together. Lots of other ingredients will be added before I even start with the filling in the burgers. I don’t have a burger making machine so all the burgers will be handmade so nothing will be perfectly uniform which is the best way. Not all of the burgers will have a filling as one of my children just likes plain burgers with no fancy additions. I will share the recipe for these burgers later.

I am going to make some Vegetarian Burgers too, so that I have something to eat when I make the burgers for my family. For these burgers,  I am going to use quinoa, sweet potato and onion plus lots of other goodies which I have in stock. I will let you know more once I have made them. I am going to cook the quinoa in vegetable stock first so that soaks up some flavours before draining it and adding it to the roasted sweet potato. I am going to roast the sweet potato as I think it intensifies the flavour more rather than boiling it. The onion will be fried prior to mixing with the other ingredients. I am going to add some strong cheese to compliment the flavours. Now, I am getting hungry and it is only 10am. I don’t think it will be an outside BBQ if the thunderstorms arrive like the weatherman says. Time will tell though and I will share some photos later and a recipe or two when I have finished.

For dessert maybe a chocolate gateau filled with fresh strawberries and cream as I am sure the family will make short work of this.

Well back to the other jobs which I have to do today in order to be totally lazy for the next two days. 🙂

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